I stayed here overnight whilst traveling for work with my husband who is also my carer. Staying here I was using my electric wheelchair.

The accessible room was very spacious with enough room to get in and out of easily with a wheelchair. There was enough room at the bottom of the bed to get around if you have some mobility but not to get a wheelchair through or not very easily. On that side of the room was located the desk, mirror, kettle, cups, and wardrobe.

The plugs where at beside height next to the beds as well as a few that were situated at skirting board height. The bed was easy to transfer to and from and at a good height with light switches all being at a good height. The bathroom was extremely large as well and a full wet room however the seat was a pull-down one fastened to the wall which did not seem safe to me as showering I have to remove my legs so it made me feel very vulnerable and unsafe on the plus side there was a bar that came down at the side and one that came across the front, but I still ended up having to do a bit of a balancing act.

The sink was accessible and lowered but encroached a little on the toilet which had a handrail but was not a raised toilet. This caused some issues with my back hips and knees.

The door was heavy with a key card to access it and the lifts where big enough just for the wheelchair and maybe two other people. The bar and restaurant were easily accessible but to order food/drinks it was difficult as there was no lowered area for anyone in a wheelchair to be served. The breakfast buffet was all accessible but again like most hotels reaching things further to the back was difficult and although there were staff around they were not very approachable.

Emergency cords were in the bathroom and the bedroom and upon checking in they went through the emergency protocol if there was a fire asking if I would need assistance, Evac chair and explaining where the disabled waiting points where.

Overall 8/10