The lookingGlass Sunderland

This is situated on Athenaeum Street in Sunderland. It is a bar bistro and during the week serves food and drinks from 11.30 am till 3.30 pm and on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays is a bar only service from 6 pm. It also has a function room as well and on Sundays serves Sunday lunch.

With its unique décor around Alice in Wonderland and friendly staff it makes a nice place to have lunch or a quiet drink and for me was a hidden gem in Sunderland.

With regards to accessibility there were no issues. The doors to enter the building where wide enough not to cause issues and there was enough spacing around the tables and chairs to be able to manuvaure safely, although getting past the pillar was a bit worrying as I did not think I would fit but I did no issues. Not all the tables are low or quirky so having food was not an issue and the food was nice so no complaints there.

The disabled toilet was through another door which was easily accessible, however the only fault was the positioning of one of their Christmas trees to the door of the toilet and the door to enter the corridor to the toilets.

The function room was accessible via a corridor that caused no issues and was wide enough to get down and turn corners and the double doors to the function room where wide enough to accommodate the wheelchair width. All was on one level and easy to negotiate. There is an outdoor space as well but to date have not been able to access that to see how suitable it is so will update this review when I have.

I am planning on hosting an event at this venue so will do a review around the function room for accessibility etc then.

Over all 9/10