Marriott Hotel

Our visit to the Marriott hotel at the metro center was for a two-night stay as a mini-break.  The booking was made over their website and it gives you an option to request things like extra pillows, early or late check-in, etc as well as a disabled accessible room, which I did.

There is a large car park attached to the hotel and plenty of disabled parking spaces. The main entrance has fully automated doors and everything is level. The front desk, however, does not have a wheelchair accessible desk, so when dealing with the reception it is very much a case of reaching up, no area to sign anything comfortably and they end up looking down on you. There is another entrance at the back but these doors are not automatic and if you are on your own in a chair would be difficult to manage.

The hotel has leisure facilities available for the use of people who are staying at the hotel which consists of a day spa, gym, and pool as well as holding various classes during the week. Upon enquiring if the gym and pool was accessible for myself, (I am a double amputee who uses a wheelchair as I cannot weight bear very well nor walk very far due to fibromyalgia and arthritis), I was told that there was no hoist or equipment for the gym and pool to accommodate disabled people and there where graduating steps into the pool. The Gym was located upstairs. I am unaware of the day spa would be useable or accessible or someone disabled or in a wheelchair.

Upon checking in we were allocated room 112 which was supposedly accessible room on the first floor. The room doorway is wide enough (just) to fit my wheelchair through, which is not bad as my chair is extra wide due to my size. There is no movability until you are in the main area of the room and there was enough room once there to turn the wheelchair around, get the chair up to the little table and under the desk. The bed was quite high and might cause issues for someone having to transfer from a chair onto it and the couch was low, so again may cause some difficulties.

The bathroom was accessible, kind of. The wheelchair would go through the door but it was tight and rather difficult to maneuverer it through space. The bath had the shower over it with handrails near the shower for holding whilst standing up for a shower in the bath and rails on the side of the bath and wall for getting in and out of the bath and for lowering yourself. I asked at reception if they had any rooms with roll-in showers /wet rooms and was informed that they didn’t and the room I had was what they meant by disabled accessible.

However, they did tell me that they had a bath chair that could go in the bath but it would still mean having to get into the bath to use it. The toilet was low but did have the handrail that could be brought down at the side and the emergency cord at the other side. Yet again though due to the toilet being low and the wall for the heated towel rail being at an angle if you needed to transfer onto the toilet this would not be possible.

The stay was comfortable enough for two nights but for myself would not be a practical choice for anything longer than this mainly due to the bathroom facilities. All the hotels through Marriott may be different and some hotels may offer more or even fewer facilities then this one and would be interested in comparing a few of Marriott’s hotels to find out.