I stayed here for two nights during the week for work.

This was the first time I had stayed anywhere on my own without help or support since having the amputation and using an electric wheelchair all of the time.

I was very nervous about the whole thing but also curious to see if the hotel would lend itself for a lone disabled traveler.

The room booked was an accessible room and to be fair one of the most accessible hotel rooms I have ever stayed in.

The entrance to the hotel was level and automatic doors which made it easy for coming and going. Reception and restaurant/bar were all one area but the desks were not too high as to feel that you were being looked down on by staff which made a nice change. Being able to be met at eye level or close enough made a difference about how I felt being there.

The bar was a little higher but the staff were friendly and helpful and brought drinks over to the table. The tables here easy to get under and although somewhere placed in awkward spots for myself to sit at and allow others to get past easily there were more than enough tables to choose from, aisles and passageways where free from clutter and the buffet breakfast area was clean and although I could reach things from the front and using an electric wheelchair carry my plate etc. to my table there would have been some difficulty to reach things further away, but I managed with the hot breakfast items. However, the staff where approachable so should I have needed assistance I would not have felt awkward asking for it.

Access to the lift and stairs was by access card which also worked as your room key but the door was heavy and would cause someone in a manual chair issue to push open whilst self-propelling.

The lifts were wide enough for my wheelchair but you could only fit me and one other person in the lift. My accessible room was on the 5th floor.

Again the doors to the room corridors were easy enough for me to manage on my own being in an electric wheelchair but self-propelling it would have possibly caused issues.

The bedroom was excellent and again one of the best accessible rooms I have stayed in. The key card unlocked the door again though heavy and awkward especially if self-propelling but wide enough to get the wheelchair through without issues. The key card slot for lights was at a good height and so where all the light switches. The room was nice and big with enough room to get around the bottom of the bed if you have some mobility of your own but not wide enough for a wheelchair to go around.

The side of the bed nearest the door was had room enough to get a wheelchair down and there were not issues height wise in order to transfer. Desk in the room was at a good level to use from a wheelchair and they had a plug cube on the table which meant no trying to bend down or reach plugs near the floor. Kettle was on the table and easy to use and the wardrobe was easy in reach as well although you could get to it if you needed to stay in your wheelchair it would not be easy.

The bathroom was the best feature of the room it was a full wet room with a full shower chair on wheels that locked in place, There where hand railings on the wall next to the toilet and the toilet seat was raised, sink was lowered and easy to access with no obstructions underneath as well as having an emergency cord

Lights were easy to access from the bed and there was a plug at draw height if needed. The only downside was there was no emergency call button or cord near the bed and upon checking in I was not asked about needing help should there be a fire or where the disabled waiting point was.

Overall 9/10