Hilton Hotel Olympia London

The booking was made as part of my visit to showmasters London Film and Comic-Con.

I booked the hotel online and in the notes requested an accessible room and informed them that I would be using an electric wheelchair.

I received an email saying they had no adaptable rooms with a wet room but did have adaptable rooms with a bath and could provide a bath board and just to ask.

The hotel is situated on Kensington high street with easy access all level. The door is automatic and they also have side doors. I cannot remember seeing any push buttons for easy access, however, porters were there instantly to open the doors every time I used them and the revolving door went slow enough for me to use with my wheelchair.

There was no lowered desk for anyone in a wheelchair. The lifts where accessible but they were small and not very easy to maneuver in. There were no disabled toilets on the ground floor/ reception and had to go to the second floor where the restaurant was situated, to use the accessible toilet. The restaurant and bar could also be only accessed by the one lift for mobility and wheelchair users, during this trip I did not use the restaurant or bar.

The adapted room was not very adaptive. The entrance is not any wider than a normal room and it was a squeeze to get the wheelchair through. It often resulted in it having to be done straight on but did take chunks out of the door and my wheelchair. There was enough space to get the wheelchair turned around and to the bed, the bed was at a good height for anyone who had to transfer from a wheelchair and was firm. However, that was the only place the wheelchair would fit. The bottom of the bed was nearly up to the wall and was only big enough for someone to walk past, just. This meant that the telly, fridge, tea and coffee, telephone, lamp and curtains, and desk was not useable or accessible for anyone that had poor mobility or could not walk at all.

The bathroom was not big enough for a wheelchair to access, no lowered sink, the toilet was not raised and there were no rails for stability. The bath was low but again no rails and when I requested a bath board they brought me a mini bath seat that went inside the bath, but not across the bath so was unusable.

The executive lounge was accessible but the doorway was narrow, and the door was not easy to open, however, there were a few tables that could be used by someone in a wheelchair but the food area was small and not easy to access or use but staff where more than happy to help,

The only concession to make it adaptable was emergency pull cords next to the bed and in the bathroom. Hilton needs to take a long hard look at what they class as an adaptable room.