Excel London

Outside there was plenty of access points. The East end provided a lift into the building and the West entrance had a ramp u to a double door and automatic door where the press office for the event and the information pint for the excel itself.

Events that are held at the Excel are held at either side of a central food court that runs down the center of the building. Here they offer snacks, burgers, drinks, coffees, teas, full meals as well as a newsagent type shop. There were also various seating areas. On either side as well as the openings on to the event floor are the toilets and some seats as well as smaller establishments selling sandwiches and drinks such as Subway. All eateries where accessible although when busy moving through the tables in a wheelchair could be daunting and difficult. Some of the outlet counters are quite high up making it difficult to reach the cashier to hand over goods or money and also to receive change.

No hearing loop was noticed at the information point but all signage relating to the catering was easy to see with plenty of signs for everything in the center. There was also a scoter/ wheelchair rental shop on site.

The lifts take you down to the carparks and toilets and again this had brail on the buttons. Although some not many toilets were located upstairs. The disabled toilets that were upstairs required a radar key which a member of staff could help with if you do not have your own.

They also offered family rooms, baby changing facilities and changing rooms. The disabled toilet was clean and large enough to move in and get turned around, with grab bars, lowered sink, and hand dryer. Getting to the side of the toilet was not a problem and this meant it was possible to transfer if needs be.

Space was light and airy with enough space, even on the conventions busiest day, to get through with a wheelchair without feeling hemmed in or being stepped