I must be honest I had very preconceived ideas about what to expect from this company regarding that it is a budget airline and the fact I was used to flying with TUI. 

Being fare I was totally pleasantly surprised by the whole thing. The flight was very smooth and the staff very helpful. As per flying with any airline it is always essential to pre book any assistance you might need as early as possible. This time I was also flying using my electric wheelchair for the first time so two reasons to be worried.

The procedure to board the craft was the same we were booked in the second row out and third row coming back. The flight was quiet both times so my experience might have been different if it had been peak holiday season and a popular destination.

Going out the seat arm rest did not move so the cabin crew told me to move rows and assisted in making sure the arm rest came up. The seats where not very comfortable but completely adequate for what they were and the leg room was not ample but I managed although my knees did end up in pain and with the arm rest being raised it made it easier to get in and out of the seat as well. Had this been a much longer flight then it would have gotten quite uncomfortable and painful.

We had the row to ourselves which am not sure if that was intentional or not on the airliners part or my companies part but it certainly made a difference, I am not a small women and my husband is a gym nut so is not a very narrow man in the shoulders and chest, so for someone else sitting next to us it would have caused them issues.

I didn’t have need to try the bathroom but some of the passengers who were mobile and a lot thinner then myself seemed to struggle using it so not holding up much hope that it would have been suitable or usable for myself. I could not see if they had a disabled bathroom or the facility to turn one into a disabled bathroom.

Overall 7/10