The Disney Store

The overall opinion of the Disney store in The Bridges, Sunderland is a good one. Whether I am being pushed or I am self-propelling I find the store easy to navigate with plenty of room to get around.


There are no doors to navigate as it is a huge open entrance with all on the level and there is only one level to the store.

The aisles are nicely spaced and the products are not rammed into every available space. As you would expect with the Disney corporation their staff is very friendly and approachable and more than happy to help you if you need it. They actually speak to you and not the person who is pushing you.

Still lacking are the disabled cash/payment desk for any one in a wheelchair. So when you go to pay you are stretching over and cannot get completely up to the desk.

I am unsure if any of the staff are trained to use sign language in case of someone with a hearing impairment needs assistance and I doubt there is a hearing loop at any of the cash desks, so something for Disney to think about there.