Claire's Accessosries

To be honest this is one of those stores that I will not go in unless forced to. The store has no doors to negotiate and there is a sign on the window saying if you are disabled to ask for assistance.

The store, in my opinion, is over crowed with merchandise and the few times that I have attempted to shop in there I have found it frustrating and annoying. Trying to get around the store in a wheelchair causes items falling off the racks etc all over the floor this then results in the inevitable of people starring.

Despite the sign on the shop window assistance is not forthcoming. I have found the staff to be rude, short and making a point of avoiding making eye contact. Trying to use the cash desk is difficult and staff is unwilling to make allowances because of this by either coming around to give you your goods and take your money or give you your change.

I have yet not been brave enough to venture to the back of Claires and prefer to send my children or my husband in if it is for me rather than cause a fuss or the embarrassment of knocking things off display units and being stared at. Let’s not forget that I might interrupt the staff for assistance, to be stared down their noses at.