I was born with Bilateral Congenital Talipes and in 2006 I had my first amputation which was called a Symes Amputation which means both feet. In 2011 my amputation had to be revised and I had a bilateral below the knee. 

I started counseling other people on a voluntary bias via the hospital. Supporting them before and after the operations via phone and email, answering any questions that they might have and pointing them in the direction of other services.


 As well as being a  double below knee amputee I also use a wheelchair 98% of the time and suffer from Fibromyalgia, arthritis. chronic fatigue and sleep apnea. I have 6 children and my youngest son has autism and also has Tiba Torshin.

I run my own blog called The Amputee Diaries and my background is originally in sales, account management and training as well as motivational speaking, presentations, media work, and various charity work.


I hold a BSc in Psychology

Diploma in Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Certificate in Disability Awareness

Key skills level 2 in learn through play

The fundamental of digital marketing by Google

Personal Development/Current Training

Masters in Journalism

Reading body language

Life Coaching


Life coaching for business

diploma in counseling


SUPA award from Sunderland University

Volunteering award from Thinking Ahead on behalf of Student Minds.